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Why is 3D Nipple Tattooing in Tysons Corner Important?

December 26, 2018

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breast cancer awarenessOne in six women diagnosed with breast cancer undergoes a mastectomy to remove the tissue. Besides changing the appearance of the body, the surgery also takes an emotional toll on women. Losing the breasts changes how a woman views herself, often impacting her self-esteem. Reconstructive surgery helps to resolve the issue, but there is one final touch to overcome the emotional effects of a mastectomy. 3D nipple tattooing in Tysons Corner adds realism to the reconstructed mound to achieve symmetry while camouflaging scarring.

What is 3D Nipple Tattooing?

3D nipple tattooing is considered an art to replace the nipples after a mastectomy without the need for an additional surgery. The technique can be used when a nipple has been lost to a mastectomy to add the final touch to the breast reconstruction process. It is ideal for women who do not want to undergo another surgery to restore the nipple.

A 3D illusion is created to restore the areola and nipple using pigmented ink and unique shading techniques. The newly applied image is flat to the touch, so you do not need to worry about anything protruding through the clothes; however, it adds physical and visual elements to restore a natural appearance.

Why is a 3D Nipple Important?

With a 3D nipple tattoo, it improves the focal point of the breast mound while also reducing the appearance of scar lines. The simple treatment takes about 2 hours to help a woman feel “whole again.” You will enjoy immediate and profound visual results to allow the tissue to look natural.

Besides the physical change, it also has therapeutic benefits as well to improve your self-esteem and how you view yourself. You can feel comfortable in your own body again using the advanced corrective cosmetic treatment. It can instantly transform your outlook on life by feeling comfortable in your own skin. It restores your body image to make a positive impact not only within yourself but in the relationships you have with the people around you. It allows you to enjoy a new sense of normalcy after living through the devastation of the disease.

Is it Right for Me?

Many patients are candidates for the treatment; however, they must be fully healed from any previous surgeries. Their skin quality must also have limited damage from radiation or surgery. It is best to wait 6 months to 1 year after any reconstructive surgery before undergoing nipple tattooing.

Invest in Yourself Today!

Now that you have overcome the challenges of breast cancer, a nipple tattoo can help you end that chapter in your life by enhancing your sense of femininity. You will enjoy a simple solution that creates everlasting results.

About Epic Beauty

Epic Beauty strives to empower everyone by helping our clients feel confident about their natural appearance. We help those who have survived cancer transform their lives with 3D nipple tattooing. We have the qualifications and experience necessary to help you feel whole again. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.


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