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Pain-Free Body & Facial Waxing - Tysons, VA

Save Time, Money & Frustration... Stop Shaving for Good!

Hair removal wax and applicator

One of the most important parts of any regular beauty regimen is the removal of unwanted hair that appears on the face and body. This type of care results in a much softer and cleaner look, but the actual process can be tedious, time-consuming, and difficult to complete properly, especially if a razor is your only tool. On the other hand, many potential clients shy away from the thought of waxing because they’re worried about pain. At Epic Beauty Rx, Lizeth is proud to offer a truly revolutionary hair removal experience for her valued clients that’s comprehensive, high in quality, and completely comfortable.

To learn more about our waxing treatments and how they can help you live life without reservation, contact our McLean location today! We look forward to assisting you.

Why is Waxing Superior to Shaving?

Woman shaivng legs and woman being waxed

  • While shaving trims hair, waxing actually removes the hair by the roots. This means that the results last longer and require less ongoing maintenance than shaving.
  • Clients do not have to worry about unpleasant, lingering cuts and nicks as a possibility when undergoing waxing.
  • For many people, regular waxing appointments actually encourages the hair to grow slower and more finely, minimizing its appearance.
  • Because the hair is likely to grow back more slowly, the skin will feel smoother longer with less itching and stubble.
  • When waxing, the client’s skin is less susceptible to irritation and rashes.
  • Waxing is likely to remove the top layer of dry, dead skin cells in addition to excess hair. This means that skin ends up even, pleasantly textured, and smooth to the touch.

Why Should I Choose Epic Beauty Rx for Body & Facial Waxing?

Woman shaivng legs and woman being waxed

At Epic Beauty Rx, clients will find a truly epic waxing experience that blows any preconceptions and past, lackluster experiences straight out of the water. Lizeth follows a four-step process that ensures the highest levels of comfort and ease possible and virtually eliminates any pain. Our wax formulations are also handpicked to fit the client’s skin type and level of sensitivity, resulting in a 100% successful treatment experience. Once we’re finished, your skin will be smooth, clean, and ready to show off.

Learn More About Bikini & Brazilian Waxing

Waxing Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have more questions about waxing with us? At Epic Beauty, we are committed to giving you a comfortable, effective wax every time. That’s why we want to make sure we address any concerns or confusion you may have. Whether you want to know how you should prepare for your waxing appointment or more details about certain waxing services, you can find the answers to questions that our clients have commonly asked us.

Read Our Waxing FAQ's

Body Waxing

Unwanted hair can grow in virtually any area of the body, causing frustration and embarrassment. Thankfully, Lizeth is familiar with all of them! She will address your waxing appointment with fine-tuned precision and plenty of friendly gentleness. Find our prices below:

  • American$75
  • European$65
  • Brazilian
    - New Clients
  • Brazilian
    - Repeat Clients
  • Strip$17
  • Full$29
  • Lower$55
  • Upper$55
  • Full$80
  • Lower$25
  • Upper$35
  • Full$60
  • Upper$35
  • Mid$25
  • Lower$20
  • Full$75
  • Strip$19
  • Full$39
  • Shoulders$30
  • Underarms$35
  • Toes$15
  • Hands$9
WAXING PACKAGE DEAL For Her: Brazilian Bikini Package of 3 FOR $159
($53 for each session)
INTRO OFFER For Her: Bikini Line Wax $29
(for first time clients only)
Brazilian Waxing For Him: Male Brazilian Waxing

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Facial Waxing

Unwanted facial hair is often a distraction and source of exhaustion for countless individuals. What’s worse is that trying to shave these delicate areas may result in noticeable cuts, lingering discomfort, and an even stronger feeling of shame. Here in Tysons, the last thing Lizeth wants is for these issues to hold you back from embracing the beauty within. Find our prices for facial waxing below:

Chin $9
Eyebrows $25
Eyebrow Shaping $40
Neck $14
Sideburns $14
Lip $24
Cheeks $15
Ears/Nose $20Price above is $20 each
Full Face $45

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